Feb 26, 2013

NINJAGO Doom Clock

always thought i'd already posted this, but i didn't.
or at least i can't find it anymore... anyway:
the weirdest mechanism and one of the nicest challenges
for me in the LEGO Ninjago series was the "celestial clock"
that i did together with Anne Hofmann, who later did all the final colours
(you should take the time to look at her blog, it's full of magic).

here's some of my construction drawings and nebulous scribbles about how stuff
is supposed to work or at least look like it could work.

all images:
Copy Right © 2012 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved

Feb 25, 2013

Monster's Waltz

silly little drawing for an invitation flyer.
so nice to draw something without commercial use from time to time!
literally loosening up the brain...

...and Rohrbach Part IV.

...and so on. now go buy the book!

Feb 20, 2013

News From Mr.Rohrbach

lots of work lately, hence no posting.

a new book is available since the beginning of the month,
more stories from the life of Felix Rohrbach,
aka the Ingenious Scatterbrain (or however "Genialer Chaot" is translated),
thus more silly little creatures and illustrations that were really fun to draw.

i'll share some of them here over the next days
to simulate some blogging activity...

Feb 4, 2013

Always Read The Manual

this was done as a gift certificate for a good friend
and the presentation resulted in a glorious wheat beer hangover on sunday.
"ho, comrade! read the manual!"