Jan 24, 2013

Stars and Planets!

the new ARENA BAFF! book hit the stores recently.
it's called "Platz da, Pluto!" ("Make way, Pluto!")
and  is all about stars and space and the universe and stuff,
and it's presented by K-Alli, member of an alien race with digestion troubles,
and Pluto, who's unfortunately not a planet anymore and sad about it.
i did a ton of illustrations for it and it's nice to see how it came out.

Jan 18, 2013

Frankencycle Part VII

yet another motorcycle drawing.
nasty little 45 flat track racer that might also see some hill climbing action.

i have to drill more holes into more parts here...

Jan 11, 2013

NINJAGO Season 3 War Machines

these are so far the biggest robots they get to use in NINJAGO, i think.
unfortunately they get destroyed very fast and you don't get to see that much of them,
as far as i know from the plot,
but maybe that's just the way it is with war machines and super weapons...

fact is, when i was a kid, i would have loved them.
especially that helmet tank railgun thingy, i even thought about secretly buying it
for my "son" or something (yeah, right...) and then hide in the closet and play with it,
making evil machine noises with my mouth ...eeeeeeooh. clank. stomp. cla-doosh...

ok, i won't.
but it's so deliciously evil!

all images:
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Jan 10, 2013

Some More NINJAGO Battle Gear

here's some more of last year's NINJAGO stuff...
as the plot proceeded the LEGO ninjas and their enemies
got rigged with tons of vehicles, weapons or vehicles with weapons
or vehicles that are weapons or even weapons that are also vehicles.
here are some of the artworks i did based on the prototype photos
we got from LEGO.

all images:
Copy Right © 2012 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved 

this one was really strange, i believe it can actually be bought as a kit:

closed cockpit

open cockpit
cockpit first person view of the controls

this one was for the bad guys, i wonder how it would handle...